Product Information

All Saints Commercial is a newly incorporated company which was founded in order to acquire commercial and property development sites. The funding principally would be by way of the issuance of the 8% 2023 Bonds.

All Saints Commercial will specialise in luxury residential developments throughout the North of England. The management team have a strong local investment and development knowledge and will look to take advantage of the competitive land values and development costs to optimise return.

The prestigious residential redevelopment projects will be mid to long term investments ranging from approximately 2 to 5 years, with Company funds deriving from the end sale of residential units. The management team of All Saints Commercial and associated partners have a strong history of identifying potential investment opportunities, delivering the construction and development within budget, undertaking all necessary operational logistics and marketing the sites in order to generate maximum returns.

It is important that potential investors appraise themselves of the features, benefits and risks of these bonds.  The ‘Bond Brochure’ should be read in full and you should take independent financial advice if matters are not clear to you.

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